App of the Week: Mailbox

Mailbox AppApp Recommendation of the Week: Mailbox

Mailbox arrived on the scene with much hoopla and a waiting queue that built both excitement, and frustration, for those waiting to gain access.

(There has since been more hoopla due to Mailbox being acquired by Dropbox.)

After waiting myself, I got access to Mailbox. I tried it briefly, but did not add it to my toolset immediately.

Recently, I gave it a second look and the results have been extraordinary. In fact, within 24 hours of using the app, I had whittled both my personal and TMN email inboxes to zero.

Mailbox may not be for everyone. (For now, it is only for iPhone and Gmail based accounts). As well, for some it will require looking at your email in a different way.

Look for an in-depth review and examination of Mailbox soon. You can get Mailbox from the App Store.

PS – I still use Sanebox. Sanebox keeps mail out of my inbox in the first place, and then Mailbox helps me act on those that do reach me.

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