App of the Week: Byword

BywordApp Recommendation of the Week: Byword

I have recently returned to using Byword on both my Mac and iOS devices.

Byword is a great minimalist text editor to help you concentrate on one thing: your writing.

I use Byword in conjunction with the app Drafts. (I capture ideas in Drafts and then pass them to Byword for writing.)

Byword allows you to write across your platforms and keeps all your documents in sync via iCloud.

I prefer Byword because of the way it handles formatting and in particular Markdown. (If you are getting started with writing in Markdown, Byword is a great place to start.) Most of my recent blog posts have been written in Byword and then I move the HTML to WordPress.

If you are looking for a minimalist text app for your writing, I highly recommend Byword. Get Byword for iPhone/iPad here or get Byword for your Mac here.

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3 thoughts on “App of the Week: Byword

    • Great idea.

      I will try to get to each of them… they are very different apps.

      Scrivener is a full-featured writing platform… I use it for writing books.
      Byword is a bare-bones minimalist text writing app. I use it to write blog posts using Markdown language. 🙂

      • Thanks Craig. We should talk about some cross-promotion ideas if you are ever interested. I own and do some posts on time management. I’d love to get you in as a guest poster if you want the traffic. Hit me up at patrick at if this is of interest.