Giveaways: Self Journal(s) and Manifesto


Time Management Ninja is such a huge fan of the Self Journal by BestSelfCo, that we’re giving away two (2) Self Journals.  Self Journal is a  powerful yet simple daily planner to help you optimize your day, tackle your goals, and be happier.

As well, we’re giving away one (1) Letterpress Manifesto.  The Manifesto is a set of BestSelfCo’s beliefs that they follow everyday to ensure they’re pushing forward.  They’ll help you push forward too.


There are 3 prizes in this giveaway.  3 winners will each win 1 (one) of the 3 prizes.

Only Confirmed Entries May Win.  After Registering, Check Your Email to Confirm Your Entry!


Journals & Manifesto provided by BestSelfCo.

Allthings Podcast featuring Time Management Ninja

All Things Productivity is a podcast all about, as you might have guessed, all things productivity!  Featuring hosts Dave Hay and Maria Drummond, each episode explores different aspects of productivity by interviewing guests and discussing topics which link directly to your own productive lifestyle.

You know it’s a great program, because Dave started allthings in 2013. With his Dundee team, they have developed the time management app of the same name to help individuals and teams to get things done. (allthings is a frequently Sponsor of TMN).

Craig Jarrow had the privilege of being their latest guest.  Check out this episode to learn:

  • Where Craig developed his passion for time management (at a young age!).
  • Craig’s morning routine to make sure he gets the most important things done first.
  • Whether you own your time or it owns you.
  • How you can do less, but get the most important things done.
  • And finally, what Craig would do in the event of a Zombie Apocalypse.

Don’t miss the excitement!  Check out the latest episode of All Things Productivity podcast featuring Craig Jarrow, the Time Management Ninja.


TMN Sponsor of the Week: Nozbe


Nozbe – Simply Get It All Done!

More than 300,000 busy people and effective teams have been getting tasks and projects done thanks to Nozbe for the last 8+ years using their apps for the Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iPad and iPhone.

Thanks to the intuitive apps from Nozbe you’ll easily become a productivity ninja, (in addition to a Time Management Ninja). You’ll learn how to deal with your incoming tasks, prioritize them, manage them within projects and get them done quickly and effectively.

And to help you with all that they’ve created a special free video course:

Create Your Digital Productivity System Video Series

In this new free video series Michael Sliwinski, founder of Nozbe and the Productive! Magazine, explains how to go about setting up a your very own productivity system:

  • In Video 1 it’s all about putting everything into your digital Inbox and choosing your Priority tasks.
  • In Video 2 you’ll learn how to create different types of projects and how to batch tasks using categories.
  • In Video 3 you’ll start collaborating with others by sharing projects and delegating tasks.

Click to sign up for this FREE productivity video training.

To sum up, Nozbe is all about these 5 things:

  • Productivity, it’s been inspired by Getting Things Done (r) concepts like Next Actions or Contexts
  • Mobility, apps for all the platforms like iOS and Android – and they all sync with the cloud. They even just launched a Windows Phone app.
  • Collaboration with effortless sharing of projects and delegating tasks.
  • Inspiration with courses like the one just mentioned, they want you not only to have the best productivity tool around, but also to be constantly improving your productivity.
  • Security as your data is safely backed up and stored redundantly, so that you have secure access to your tasks from anywhere, at anytime.

Start a free 30-day Nozbe trial and get the free video series: Create Your Digital Productivity System

TMN Sponsor of the Week: Allthings


With allthings, say hello to team productivity.

  • Share plans, projects, sprints, lists
  • Track progress of tasks and issues
  • Freedom to sort, stack, view and group
  • Balance workloads to spread the effort
  • Get more done – save time, save money

Wave goodbye to productivity killers.

  • Adios, email issues. Fix team communication. End suffering from distracting email chains, ‘inbox addiction’ and lost conversations.
  • Set clear expectations. Remove doubts like, “Who actually owns that task?”, “How important is this?” and “When is the deadline?”
  • Bye-bye, boring meetings. Save time and money. People average 30 hours each month in unproductive meetings, costing businesses money.

Features that help teams and their managers turn chaos into control and get more done

  • Project planning made easy
  • Invite the team to edit or view
  • Drag and drop to spread the load
  • Group, stack, sort and filter
  • See progress at a glance
  • Focus communication on tasks
  • Customize and personalize

Try allthings today, and get a free 14 day trial.

TMN Sponsor of the Week: Evercontact


Evercontact is the time saving tool, recommended by Guy Kawasaki, that helps you capture your contacts.

According to Gartner Research, 1 out of every 3 contacts is missing or out-of-date. So apart from the time spent copying and pasting the latest information, you spend hours searching through past emails for the right phone number and going back and forth with contacts to update your mailing list.

Evercontact can solve this problem. It mines your emails to update your current address book (Gmail, Outlook, Google Apps, and soon Office 365) to find contact information in email signatures. Phone numbers, titles and company names that are missing or out-of-date in your current address book are updated, automatically.

With a Flashback, you can recover valuable contacts hiding in your past emails (up to 5 years back), or emails from someone who has left your team. Keep your address book automatically complete and up-to-date with the ongoing daily automatic service.  Evercontact recently ran a Flashback for Guy Kawasaki, who is recommending it as a “very cool tool” that automatically updated 2,351 of his 13k+ contacts.

It’s great for personal accounts, and also for teams to keep everyone up-to-date, as Evercontact plugs seamlessly into Salesforce and other CRMs.

Evercontact is offering TMN readers a free one month Flashback to recover contacts in Gmail, plus a free 1 month free trial of the daily updating service. Once you decide to buy it, you get a 25% reduction off a longer Flashback and/or the ongoing service for both Gmail and Outlook.

Get your free Flashback and start your free trial today with Evercontact!


TMN Sponsor of the Week: gamelearn

“Every second and every minute of your life matter because they will not be back.”

With this motto Gamelearn, a leading company in soft skills training through Serious Games, presents Triskelion®, the first Time Management and Personal Productivity course-video game. An unique adventure and learning experience rolled into one.

Triskelion, the Celtic symbol of wisdom and continuous development, transports players into an exciting experience where they become Robert Wise, a history professor. Participants must follow the clues left by the philosopher Lucius Annaeus Seneca in Cairo or Rome and find The Secret of the Order of Wisdom.  Meanwhile,

  • Regain control of your life
  • Improve your organization
  • Learn to plan and prioritize
  • Take control of your mail and agenda
  • Find life-balance
  • Reduce your stress

Gamelearn is a pioneer in skills training through video games: Game-Based Learning. Their Serious Games, which have already trained more than 100,000 professionals, combine 3 key tools:

  1. Quality content, equivalent to a complete two-day classroom course and with a marked practical approach.
  2. The simulator, which allows the user to learn from experience, practice concepts already learned and get personalized and constant feedback.
  3. The video game, which turns learning into an appealing, entertaining and addictive process, by using a wide range of gamification tools.

Visit Triskelion now and get your free trial to start boosting your time management skills. And when you’re done, check out Gamelearn’s other gaming courses on conflict resolution, effective meeting management, and leadership/team management.

TMN Sponsor of the Week: allthings

allthings features everything you need to get more done, faster.  This online and mobile-based time management tool helps over 9,000 individuals, teams and businesses say goodbye to productivity killers.

Give up all of your chaos, clutter and confusion…email chains, inbox addiction, long meetings, spreadsheet plans or badly communicated deadlines in the workplace. Gain a new level of control, collaboration and communication. Achieve visibility of people, projects, tasks, teams, and more.

Share plans, projects, sprints and lists. Break your work down into manageable tasks with time estimates, priorities and deadlines. Easily track the progress of multiple tasks and issues, and spread them out between teams with the intuitive drag and drop feature.

People just work better together with allthings.  And you get better management of your projects, teams, and time.

Visit now to find out more! Start boosting productivity today with a free 30 day trial! (No credit card or training required).

TMN Sponsor of the Week: ReadIris15


Readiris 15  is an OCR software that converts your scans images, pictures, and PDF files to fully editable smart documents (Word, Excel, PDF, among many other formats).

With the 15th version of its flagship OCR software, IRIS raised the bar even higher! With over 10 pioneering new features, Readiris 15 is a reference when it comes to document conversion and PDF edition.

In today’s digital era, paper documents as well as tedious retyping sessions are becoming history.

Key features:

  • Convert documents to Word, Excel, PDF, etc. without retyping
  • Back-up, work and collaborate in the Cloud (Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.)
  • Automatically recreate complex layouts
  • Create your own eBooks
  • Convert documents to audio files
  • Create searchable PDFs
  • Edit PDF files
  • Sign and secure PDF files
  • Compress PDF files
  • Import files from any TWAIN scanner
  • Process batches of documents

Readiris 15 is THE tool that helps you effortlessly create, edit and manage smart digital files to boost your productivity!

TMN Sponsor of the Week: TaskCracker

TaskCracker is the unique task management tool, created for use for the tens of millions of people who use Microsoft Outlook. Based on the best task management methods such as Eisenhower Matrix and First Things First by Stephen Covey, TaskCracker users get both convenient bird-eye view on all their tasks and a perfect action plan.


1. No need to switch between different programs: TaskCracker is working with Outlook tasks within Outlook interface.
2. TaskCracker is installed in a blink and works with Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013.
3. It is fast and reliable with even huge number of tasks.
4. TaskCracker increases your efficiency by making the time management process more visible.
5. It helps you balance urgent and important tasks. Urgent tasks are not always important while important tasks may not be urgent.
6. TaskCracker clarifies your goals and helps you improve communication and information sharing.
7. It keeps strategic goals on track and never loses urgent issues, because you drag and dropping them into appropriate areas.

TaskCracker is the task management tool for time management ninjas who use Outlook.

TMN Sponsor of the Week: allthings

allthings banner

allthings is an online and mobile-based time management tool that helps over 9,000 individuals, teams and businesses wave goodbye to productivity killers. Imagine no more email chains, inbox addiction, long meetings, spreadsheet plans or badly communicated deadlines in the workplace.

Say hello to true productivity with allthings. Share plans, projects, sprints and lists. Break your work down into manageable tasks with time estimates, priorities and deadlines. Easily track the progress of multiple tasks and issues, and spread them out between a team with our intuitive drag and drop feature.

allthings gives you the freedom to view your work in many different ways. As a grouped list or stacked into columns. Sorted by priority, due date, estimated effort or who it’s assigned to. You can even create your own custom fields and sort your work that way! All of this enables you to expose the real priorities for you or your team, as well as any roadblocks that are standing in the way of progress.

Visit now to find out more! Start boosting productivity today with a free 30 day trial (no credit card or training required).