5 Tips to Overcome Your Time Management Enemies

You have tasks that you don’t like to do.

And those are usually the ones that get put off. The to-dos that remain on your lists for a long time.

Those undone tasks create more work for us later, and cause undue stress. You need to deal with these productivity blockers, and the first step is to identify them.

What are your time management enemies?

Troublesome Time Management Tasks

Everyone has tasks that give them trouble.

Sometimes these are tasks we have to do often, but don’t like to do. Or they are tasks that are difficult, so we avoid them.

Whatever the case, you need to address these troublesome tasks so that they don’t haunt your day and cast a shadow over the rest of your to-do list.

“To beat your time management enemies, you need to identify the tasks that you regularly don’t get done.”

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You probably know the tasks that regularly cause you problems. And you don’t like to think (or admit) that you put them off.

Yet, facing them head-on is exactly what you need to do in order to conquer them.

Here are 5 Tips to Help You Overcome the Tasks that are Enemies of Your Time Management:

  1. Name Them – The first step is to “call out” your problem tasks. Make a list of them and be specific. Maybe it is cleaning your car, or doing your expense reports at work, or even going to the doctor for an appointment. Whatever tasks regularly linger on your list or cause your stress, write them down. Being aware of them will allow you to better focus on them.
  2. Plan in Advance – Getting ready to do a task can be the motivation you need to actually do it. Make a plan and prepare the needed items or materials. For example, gathering all of the receipts you need for your expense report is a great start. Or make a quick list of the items you need to update in your weekly summary report.
  3. Do Them Early – This tip has dual meanings. One of the best times to do tough tasks is first thing in morning, before life can distract you. Be the early bird, and get your worst tasks done before you start your day. As well, make sure these tasks are finished well in advance of any deadlines. Leaving them to the last minute creates self-inflicted stress.
  4. Schedule Them – To ensure that you allocate time to get these tough tasks done, put them right on your calendar. Make an appointment to do these items. No ones needs to know you are meeting with your time managment enemies and getting them done.
  5. Celebrate Successes – This one may seem a little premature, since we are talking about tasks you aren’t getting done. Yet, when you do complete tough tasks, you need to celebrate. Maybe just a quick self-pat on the back or inner high-five, but congratulate yourself and be proud of your productivity. These small celebrations will drive you in other areas of your life.

Deal with Your Time Management Enemies

Make sure you deal with the tasks that are the enemies of your time management.

Don’t let them haunt you any longer. Don’t let them linger on your to-do list, nor keep you up at night thinking about them.

When you conquer the tasks which are holding you back, you will be more productive at everything else you do.

Question: What are the enemies of your time management? How do you ensure these tasks get done? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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