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10 Signs You Are Trying to Do Too Much

How to Tell When You Are Overloaded by Your Work

Doing too much

You say, “I don’t have time to get it all done.”

And you could be right.

You may not have enough time to do everything you have in front of you.

If you are taking on too much work and aren’t saying No when you should, you will overload yourself to the point of failure.

Are you carrying too much work on your plate?

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6 Ways to Give Your Undivided Attention

How Paying Attention Makes You More Productive

6 Ways Attention

These days it seems that everyone and everything is vying for your attention.

Your phone, your email, your co-workers, your family.

How do you decide who and when to give your attention?

More importantly, when you are with someone, do you give them your full and undivided attention?

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Set a Timer and Get Your Work Done

How Limiting Your Time Can Make You More Productive

Set a Timer and Get Your Work Done

You say to yourself, “If only I had more time to get my work done.”

Then you would finish your tasks… meet that deadline… or finally catch up on your todo list.

However, more time isn’t necessarily the answer.

In fact, if you had additional free time in your day, I would wager that you’d still get the same amount of work done.

What if I told you, that you were spending too much time on your tasks?

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Put It On Your List So You Can Forget About It

Why You Should Capture Any and All Tasks

Put it on your list

Are you constantly trying to remember what you need to do?

That’s what your todo list is for… to remember, so you don’t have to. (You do have a list, right?)

It’s purpose is to capture all the tasks that you need to do. Nothing too big or too small can be on your list.

You should capture all of your todos to your list.

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5 Ways to Keep Promises with Yourself

How to Stick with Your Hopes, Dreams, and Goals

We make promises to others all the time.

And we feel very guilty when we break them. Often, we put commitments to others above our own priorities.

Yet, when it comes to pledges that we make with ourselves, we are quick to let those go.

Why is it so hard to keep promises we make to ourselves?

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Please Take My 2015 TMN Reader Survey

I am always striving to make Time Management Ninja more impactful for you.

Today, I want your input to help make TMN even better.

TMN Survey 2015-2


Please take a few minutes to fill out the 2015 TMN Reader Survey. This survey went out yesterday via the weekly TMN newsletter, however I am also posting it here to maximize feedback.

Click the image above and share your time management needs, wants, and challenges. This information will help me provide future material, posts, and topics on TMN.

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Podcast: Apple Watch Productivity Debate

Beyond the Todo List Episode #100


Thinking about getting an Apple Watch?

Listen to Episode #100 of Erik Fisher’s “Beyond the Todo List.”

Erik, myself, and Mike Vardy (of “The Productivityist“) debate the uses and productivity of the new Apple Watch.

I discuss many of the tasks that I currently employ with my Apple Watch, and Mike voices his concerns about how the Apple Watch can be a distraction. (Secretly, I think Mike is just jealous that he doesn’t have one yet… :P)

Choose Which Tasks You Will Drop Today

Your todo list is endless. From the moment you begin your day, you know that you will not be able to get to all of your work.

You fight your way through your list, only to discover that you dropped an important task (or two) along the way.

Instead of letting this happen, a better tactic is to choose which tasks you will drop while you are juggling priorities.

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