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With allthings, say hello to team productivity.

  • Share plans, projects, sprints, lists
  • Track progress of tasks and issues
  • Freedom to sort, stack, view and group
  • Balance workloads to spread the effort
  • Get more done – save time, save money

Wave goodbye to productivity killers.

  • Adios, email issues. Fix team communication. End suffering from distracting email chains, ‘inbox addiction’ and lost conversations.
  • Set clear expectations. Remove doubts like, “Who actually owns that task?”, “How important is this?” and “When is the deadline?”
  • Bye-bye, boring meetings. Save time and money. People average 30 hours each month in unproductive meetings, costing businesses money.

Features that help teams and their managers turn chaos into control and get more done

  • Project planning made easy
  • Invite the team to edit or view
  • Drag and drop to spread the load
  • Group, stack, sort and filter
  • See progress at a glance
  • Focus communication on tasks
  • Customize and personalize

Try allthings today, and get a free 14 day trial.

10 Tips to Keep Your Calendar Simple and Efficient

How to Keep Your Calendar Clean and Organized


If you look at your calendar, is it clear where you need to be today?

Or is it a jumbled jig-saw puzzle of overlapping appointments and meetings?

Keeping your calendar in check is key to having a smooth and productive day.

Today, I share 10 tips to help you simplify your calendar and keep things organized on your schedule.

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Are You Trying to Do Too Much?

Doing Less Doesn't Mean You Are Less Successful


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I was recently talking with a friend who was drowning in their work.

Too many tasks on their list.
Too many meetings on their calendar.
Too many obligations in their life.

I had to ask, “When is too much… just too much?”

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Are You Guilty of Using Too Many Gadgets?

More Technology Doesn't Mean More Productivity

Too Many Gadgets

The other day, I was with a colleague who was carrying three phones.

Yes, three phones.

I did a double-take (or maybe it was a triple-take) before asking why she was carrying all the devices.

It turns out that one was for business, one was personal, and the third? I am still not sure, but she mumbled something about being in the process of switching across devices.

Maybe you aren’t carrying three phones, but are you guilty of trying to maintain too many gadgets?

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Why You Should Never Skip Leg Day

A Lesson in Balanced Progress and Productivity

Never Skip Leg Day

Leg Day.

If you lift weights, or workout at a gym, you probably dread those words.

No one likes “Leg Day.”

It is one of the toughest workouts in the fitness world. However, skipping Leg Day leaves you unbalanced and stunts your progress. Leg Day is a great metaphor for avoiding tasks that you don’t want to do.

Are you skipping “Leg Day” in your day-to-day activities?

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7 Ways to Stay on Target with Your Work Today

How to Keep Focused on Your Most Important Work

7 Ways to Stay on Target with Your Work

Ever have one project that you needed to get done?

Yet, when you finally reach the end of your day, you discover that you worked on everything but that important project.

Countless interruptions and other distractions have kept you from focusing on your most important work.

Today, I have 7 tips to help you stay on target and ensure you get your most important tasks done.

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How 30 Minutes of Planning Can Save You Hours a Day

Always Plan Your Day Before it Begins

30 Minutes of PlanningHow much time do you spend getting ready for your day… before starting it?

Planning your day is one of the most important things you can do before heading out the door.

In fact, spending just 30 minutes in advance, can save you hours later in your day.

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5 Quick Ways to Write Better Emails

How to Write Better Emails while Saving Time and Effort

5 Quick Ways to Write Better EmailsBad emails.

They seem to be everywhere these days. At work, at home, and on the go.

No one wants to shift through a bunch of long, poorly written and poorly formatted messages. In most cases, bad emails don’t even get read.

If you want to write better messages, read on for 5 quick tips to improve your emails while saving time.

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