Why a Fresh Start Can Make You More Productive

7 Reasons You Should Start That Project Over

Fresh Start More Productive

Do you ever get stuck on a project?

No forward motion is happening, no matter what effort you put into it.

Maybe you are out of ideas. Or out of energy.

The one thing you know is that you are stuck.

When you get to this point, you should consider starting over… from the beginning.

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Why You Should Pick Only 5 Things To Do Today

Identify the Top Tasks You Must Complete Every Day

Pick 5 Things to do today

How many tasks are on your todo list?

If you are capturing all the things you need to do, then it is probably a pretty long list.

It is more than you can hope to do on any one given day.

Rather than frantically trying to do your entire list, pick the top 5 todos and dedicate yourself to those few tasks.

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8 Types of Information You Should Capture Every Day

Save Time Later by Always Capturing Important Facts

8 Types of Information to Capture

Do you find yourself constantly looking for pieces of information?

You can’t be productive if you are constantly searching for details that you already had. It’s like doing the same job over again.

Don’t let those little pieces of important information get away from you when you have the chance to capture them.

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5 Productive Activities for Your In-between Time

What You Do in Your Spare Time Matters

productive activities in-between time

When you have a free minute or two, what do you do?

Jump on Facebook? Read the news again? Check your email for the 37th time today?

What you do during your in-between time is often what matters most. Are you making the most of it, or frittering it away on meaningless web-surfing and social streams?

You could be using that time on productive activities. Doing things that benefit you, instead of wasting your time and mind.

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5 Reasons You Should Keep All Your Notes in One Place

Why One Notebook for Your Notes is Best

Notes in one place

Do you ever find yourself searching for that one note that you know you wrote down somewhere?

Perhaps, it is a last-minute frantic search for a piece of information that you need. Or you have been endlessly searching for days for that missing document.

You need to keep your notes in one place.

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10 Areas of Your Life to Clean Up Every Single Day

Why Keeping Things Clean is Easier than Cleaning Up Later


Make today a cleaning day!

That thought probably doesn’t excite you. Most people avoid cleaning at all costs.

Ironically, the best strategy to avoid large clean-up tasks is to make cleaning a part of your daily activities, rather than a last resort after things have piled up.

Let’s look at 10 areas of your life that you should clean up each and every day.

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TMN Sponsor of the Week: Evercontact


Evercontact is the time saving tool, recommended by Guy Kawasaki, that helps you capture your contacts.

According to Gartner Research, 1 out of every 3 contacts is missing or out-of-date. So apart from the time spent copying and pasting the latest information, you spend hours searching through past emails for the right phone number and going back and forth with contacts to update your mailing list.

Evercontact can solve this problem. It mines your emails to update your current address book (Gmail, Outlook, Google Apps, and soon Office 365) to find contact information in email signatures. Phone numbers, titles and company names that are missing or out-of-date in your current address book are updated, automatically.

With a Flashback, you can recover valuable contacts hiding in your past emails (up to 5 years back), or emails from someone who has left your team. Keep your address book automatically complete and up-to-date with the ongoing daily automatic service.  Evercontact recently ran a Flashback for Guy Kawasaki, who is recommending it as a “very cool tool” that automatically updated 2,351 of his 13k+ contacts.

It’s great for personal accounts, and also for teams to keep everyone up-to-date, as Evercontact plugs seamlessly into Salesforce and other CRMs.

Evercontact is offering TMN readers a free one month Flashback to recover contacts in Gmail, plus a free 1 month free trial of the daily updating service. Once you decide to buy it, you get a 25% reduction off a longer Flashback and/or the ongoing service for both Gmail and Outlook.

Get your free Flashback and start your free trial today with Evercontact!


The Tasks You Are Putting Off Forever

The Things on Your Todo List You Aren't Getting Done


We all have todos that we put off.

Sometimes it is the same tasks, over and over.

Other times, it is the things we have always wanted to do, but just never seem to get around to doing. Or even important items that need to get done at some point.

What’s on your task list… that you aren’t getting done?

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