Productivity Kickstarter: The Week Dominator Planner

Week Dominator

Looking for a great paper-based planner?

Check out this Kickstarter project by my friend, Jesse Phillips. (He is the same guy behind the NeuYear calendars!)

His latest project is called the Week Dominator and it is a paper-based weekly planner. I love the structured view that also provides lots of flexibility for personal use.

If you prefer planning your week on paper, support this Kickstarter and get your own Week Dominator.

The ABCs of Getting ZZZs… at Work.

ABCs of ZZZs I was recently interviewed by Xerox’s Real Business website. The topic was the effect of naps on productivity… in the workplace.

Read the “The ABCs of Getting ZZZs… at Work” via Real Business.

What are your thoughts?

Question: Do you get a nap into your workday? Would you be more productive if you did? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

App of the Week: Speek

SpeekApp of the Week: Speek

Conference calls… we have all been on that call.

I have been testing a great new conference app that turns the traditional conference call on its head.

It’s called Speek. And it has changed the way I interact with conference calls.

Speek is available via a web interface. As well, there are iOS and Android apps. I have been initiating calls via the Speek app on my iPhone …and it works great. 

Here are some of Speek’s features… (more…)

App of the Week : Mindmup

mindmup 2App of the Week: Mindmup

I am a big fan of mind mapping to capture and explore new ideas. (See my previous post here.)

Mindmup is a new FREE and open source mind mapping app. It is HTML5 -based and runs in your browser.

What I like about Mindmup is that it is clean and simple. As they describe, it allows for frictionless capture of ideas and projects. It is not bloated with unneeded features. The UI stays out of your way and lets you get your ideas out.

Mindmup saves to the cloud and provides Google Drive integration. You can share your maps with others, and even embed them in your website.

If you are looking for a free and quick way to create a mind map, try out Mindmup.

App of the Week: Coffitivity

CoffitivityApp of the Week: Coffitivity

I wanted to let you know about a great little app called Coffitivity. (Thanks to +Jess for showing it to me.)

Coffitivity makes background noise to help you stay on task and concentrate. It generates the ambient noise of a coffee shop and helps you block out the distractions around you.

Ironically, I don’t hangout in coffee shops…. or drink coffee. Yet, I am addicted to this app.

I have it running in my headphones while I work and stream Spotify, as well.

Check out Coffitivity. It is a browser-based app currently, and there are mobile and desktop apps in development.

You can leave a comment by clicking here.

Limited-Edition Time Management Ninja T-Shirts!

TMN Shirt 2-2Limited Edition TMN Tees!

Just in time for summer, get your own Time Management Ninja limited-edition shirt.

These are being produced via Teespring and will be top-notch… printed on an American Apparel shirt.

Why TMN shirts…?

First, I get asked all the time where people can get a TMN shirt. (Like the one Chris Brogan wears sometimes….) But, even Chris doesn’t have this shirt. You can be one of the first.

Second, the proceeds from these shirts will help with future TMN projects such as the publishing of my new book. So, support a ninja and get a great shirt for yourself!

Third, they look really cool. (Of course, I may be biased…)

Great for the gym, writing your book, starting your business, or any other time you need some motivation! Get your own TMN shirt here.

App of the Week: Vesper

Vesper AppApp Recommendation of the Week: Vesper

Great note-taking app this week from John Gruber and the team at Q Branch.

It’s called Vesper. And it is a simple, minimalistic, and beautiful app to collect your ideas, notes, and pics.

It allows you to take notes and organize them by tags, which I find more efficient than constantly trying to file notes by folders, etc. It also allows you to attach pictures to notes, which can be very handy.

Vesper is vying against the Drafts App for me. Drafts is more feature rich and has markdown formatting. (Ironic, that Gruber’s app doesn’t support markdown… since he basically created it.)

One note: There is not currently any sync feature. No Dropbox, iCloud, or Evernote export. This is perhaps the one feature keeping me from switching to it full-time. Hope to see this added in a future release.

Are you looking for a clean and frictionless app to collect your ideas? Give Vesper a spin. I am currently using it to collect blog post ideas and topics for my next book.

Get Vesper in the App Store.

App of the Week: Workflowy

WorkFlowy IconApp Recommendation of the Week: Workflowy

It has been a while since I have written about Workflowy.

Workflowy is an online outlining and note taking app. You have to use it to truly appreciate how simple and slick it is.

The zoom in feature is still the killer.

I am working on some course outlines currently, and there is just something efficient about Workflowy’s outlines with which mindmaps can’t compete.

Workflowy has added some important new features in the recent months. Starred pages let you jump to your most important outlines quickly, and offline mode for their iOS apps makes Workflowy even more accessible while mobile.

You can read my previous post on Workflowy and I recommend checking out Workflowy on their site.

You just might outline everything in your life.

App of the Week: Mailbox

Mailbox AppApp Recommendation of the Week: Mailbox

Mailbox arrived on the scene with much hoopla and a waiting queue that built both excitement, and frustration, for those waiting to gain access.

(There has since been more hoopla due to Mailbox being acquired by Dropbox.)

After waiting myself, I got access to Mailbox. I tried it briefly, but did not add it to my toolset immediately.

Recently, I gave it a second look and the results have been extraordinary. In fact, within 24 hours of using the app, I had whittled both my personal and TMN email inboxes to zero.

Mailbox may not be for everyone. (For now, it is only for iPhone and Gmail based accounts). As well, for some it will require looking at your email in a different way.

Look for an in-depth review and examination of Mailbox soon. You can get Mailbox from the App Store.

PS – I still use Sanebox. Sanebox keeps mail out of my inbox in the first place, and then Mailbox helps me act on those that do reach me.