TMN Sponsor of the Week: ReadIris15


Readiris 15  is an OCR software that converts your scans images, pictures, and PDF files to fully editable smart documents (Word, Excel, PDF, among many other formats).

With the 15th version of its flagship OCR software, IRIS raised the bar even higher! With over 10 pioneering new features, Readiris 15 is a reference when it comes to document conversion and PDF edition.

In today’s digital era, paper documents as well as tedious retyping sessions are becoming history.

Key features:

  • Convert documents to Word, Excel, PDF, etc. without retyping
  • Back-up, work and collaborate in the Cloud (Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.)
  • Automatically recreate complex layouts
  • Create your own eBooks
  • Convert documents to audio files
  • Create searchable PDFs
  • Edit PDF files
  • Sign and secure PDF files
  • Compress PDF files
  • Import files from any TWAIN scanner
  • Process batches of documents

Readiris 15 is THE tool that helps you effortlessly create, edit and manage smart digital files to boost your productivity!

TMN Sponsor of the Week: TaskCracker

TaskCracker is the unique task management tool, created for use for the tens of millions of people who use Microsoft Outlook. Based on the best task management methods such as Eisenhower Matrix and First Things First by Stephen Covey, TaskCracker users get both convenient bird-eye view on all their tasks and a perfect action plan.


1. No need to switch between different programs: TaskCracker is working with Outlook tasks within Outlook interface.
2. TaskCracker is installed in a blink and works with Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013.
3. It is fast and reliable with even huge number of tasks.
4. TaskCracker increases your efficiency by making the time management process more visible.
5. It helps you balance urgent and important tasks. Urgent tasks are not always important while important tasks may not be urgent.
6. TaskCracker clarifies your goals and helps you improve communication and information sharing.
7. It keeps strategic goals on track and never loses urgent issues, because you drag and dropping them into appropriate areas.

TaskCracker is the task management tool for time management ninjas who use Outlook.

TMN Sponsor of the Week: allthings

allthings banner

allthings is an online and mobile-based time management tool that helps over 9,000 individuals, teams and businesses wave goodbye to productivity killers. Imagine no more email chains, inbox addiction, long meetings, spreadsheet plans or badly communicated deadlines in the workplace.

Say hello to true productivity with allthings. Share plans, projects, sprints and lists. Break your work down into manageable tasks with time estimates, priorities and deadlines. Easily track the progress of multiple tasks and issues, and spread them out between a team with our intuitive drag and drop feature.

allthings gives you the freedom to view your work in many different ways. As a grouped list or stacked into columns. Sorted by priority, due date, estimated effort or who it’s assigned to. You can even create your own custom fields and sort your work that way! All of this enables you to expose the real priorities for you or your team, as well as any roadblocks that are standing in the way of progress.

Visit now to find out more! Start boosting productivity today with a free 30 day trial (no credit card or training required).

TMN Sponsor of the Week: MeisterTask


MeisterTask is the most intuitive task management tool on the web. Created by the collaboration experts behind MindMeister, the free online app lets you turn your mind maps directly into agile projects and your creative ideas into action.

MeisterTask’s flexible project boards perfectly adapt to your team’s workflow, while a number of smart features automate recurring steps for a more efficient performance.

Their cloud technology enables instant communication between team members and ensures that everyone is always on the same page. With the MeisterTask mobile app for iPhone and iPad you stay on top of your to-dos even on the go.

MeisterTask runs in any standard web browser. Just sign up at, invite your team and get to work. No training required.

TMN Sponsor of the Week: HabitList


Habit List includes everything you need to reach your goals, wrapped in a beautiful and intuitive interface. Streaks motivate you, reminders help you stay on track, and flexible scheduling options keep you focused. It’s perfect for achieving big goals, like running a marathon, or smaller ones, like processing your inbox.

Your Habit List is the place for all the little things that make a big difference, but often fall through the cracks. A nice bonus: by having a dedicated spot for repeating items, it helps keep your to-do list and calendar uncluttered.

Start using Habit List today to create good habits and build a better you.

Sponsor of the Week: Perssist



Perssist is a tech-enhanced online personal assistant that takes care of all the undesirable tasks from your to-do list. You only use them when you need them, for all kinds of tasks such as calling the cable company, finding the best price on an item, researching travel, and more!

Perssist uses great people supported by proprietary technology to provide anyone with 24/7 on-demand support. They provide problem solving, time saving, and a single point of contact to help you through anything that comes up on your to-do list. Perssist is made up of a team of passionate multi-taskers and efficient delegators who think Perssist could change the way everyone lives their lives.

How does Perssist work?

  • Submit a request online, through email, or by phone any time.
  • Perssist algorithms categorize and route request to the right specialist.
  • Receive a check-in after 20 minutes to avoid wasted time.
  • Smile as Perssist handles one more thing from your to-do list.

Find out how Perssist can save you time, money, and handle your tasks, 24 hours a day.

Perssist wants to give away a free month of the Personal Plan (5 hours of service) for free. Readers can enter here.

TMN Sponsor of the Week: Meekan


Meekan is the smart meeting scheduler for Gmail, iCloud and Exchange calendars. It’s free, and available for Android, iPhone/iPad and Microsoft Outlook

Meekan’s flexible time scheduling engine matches everyone’s calendars in seconds, and pinpoints the best times to meet. No more email Ping-Pong to schedule meetings.

No matter which calendar you use, Meekan’s Global Availability Engine takes into account free/busy availability, time zones and working hours of all team members, including out-of-company participants using another calendar program (Gmail, Google Apps, Exchange/ and iCloud).

No need to browse your calendar for availability. Let Meekan sort all your free time and suggest the best times. Perfect for on-the-go situations. Instant recognition of other Meekan users, automatically suggests free time slots common to all attendees. The more you use it, the better it gets. Meekan will learn your preferences and offer tailored choices to optimize your time.

Meekan is how scheduling should look  – stop working for your calendar, let Meekan work for you.


TMN Sponsor of the Week: Sanebox


If you are a long time reader of TMN then you already know this week’s sponsor: Sanebox. It’s one of my favorite time-saving tools.

As much as we try to minimize the amount of email flooding our inbox, there always seems to be more. To get to the bottom, you need to cut through the clutter of non-important emails.

SaneBox is an auto-filtering tool for your email. It sorts, files, and manages your inbox for you. It keeps the important emails in your inbox and moves the lower priority ones to reading folders.

I have used SaneBox for over two years! It keeps my inbox under control.

Sanebox is offering TMN readers $15 towards a SaneBox subscription when you decide to buy. Start your free trial today!

TMN Sponsor of the Week: RightSignature


RightSignature is the easiest and fastest way to get documents signed on-line.  It’s the all in one Electronic Signature Solution.  No plug-ins, no downloads, no account needed!  Choose your document to send, specify recipients, add a subject and send.  It’s that easy.  RightSignature allows hand written signatures or type-to-sign options. And most important to me, iPhone and iPad signing.

Their value-packed small business plans start at $14/month and include unlimited documents, unlimited storage, reusable templates, and lots of efficiency-boosting additional features, and with a 30 day money-back guarantee there is no risk to try it.  As a matter of fact, you can sign up now for a 5 document free trial.

RightSignature saves their clients tons of time—time they would have otherwise spent faxing, printing, scanning and reminding their customers to sign and return their documents. Click here to learn more.

TMN Sponsor of the Week: Goboxi

goboxi-ninja-pilot-300x250 Goboxi is the first application that puts three big parts of all of our online lives together: time management, social management and email management.

They tackle the problem of email organization, project management and to-do lists by using hashtags to organize specific topics and content. This keeps projects organized across many different channels.

The Goboxi Productivity Expert machine learning tool understands and analyzes how each user manages their time and recommends improvements to spend time working more efficiently.

All this information is displayed via a Timeline feature that provides one unified view for email, tasks, calendars and social media activity (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn). These features, and more, make managing and interacting with projects a breeze for teams of all sizes.

Take a look at some of Goboxi’s killer features by visiting